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Royson is Leading the Way with Mass Finishing Equipment

Vibratory Finisher
Bowl Finisher
CTV Bowl Finishers
CTV IS Bowl Finishers
C Tub Finishers
CTT Tub Finishers
CDF COB Dryers
CDF Disc Finishers
CTB Centrifugal Tumblers
FP Water Treatment Systems
Settling/Rinsing Tanks
Screen Separators
Special Systems

Royson has the solution for all of your mass finishing applications. Tumblers, vibratory finishers, vibratory deburring, high energy finishing, high speed finishers, waste water treatment systems and settling tanks are all available. Royson vibratory mills, vibratory bowl finishers, vibratory cob dryers, tumbling barrels, rectangular tub finishers, vibratory deburr tubs, centrifugal disc and centrifugal tumbling machines provide many solutions for deburring, radiusing, polishing, cleaning, superfinishing, microsurfacing, and vibrahone. Royson machines are also used for various special applications such as header polishing, exhaut pipe polishing, aluminum wheel polishing, and turbine blade finishing. Tumbling supplies such as ceramic media, plastic media, synthetic media, tumbling compounds, crushed corn cob, walnut shell, steel media, ceramic polishing balls, ceramic polishing pins, ceramic cutting balls, and ceramic cutting pins are all available.

Royson Engineering Co.
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